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Krivda, the Godtrix Against the Matrix.

Krivda, the Godtrix Against the Matrix

ISBN: 9786165827713 | 384 pages | 10 Mb
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  • Krivda, the Godtrix Against the Matrix
  • Page: 384
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  • ISBN: 9786165827713
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'Krivda' is an ancient Russian word that means 'deceit' with a twist - the subtler, more pernicious connotation of 'reality made crooked'. This word, and its meaning, underpins the discovery of how machineries of 'religion' operate over a long historical arc of six thousand years, revealing striking structural and operational continuity from the religions of ancient gods to those of the modern secular gods of money and science. That continuity is reaching its culmination in the present early part of the twenty-first century. The new god of techno science emerges around the globe, its religion seamlessly taking the succession of its predecessors all gathered into its fold, its dogma seamlessly taking over the well-conditioned mind and psyche of man... Therein lies the 'god-trix'. The book does not adopt a conventional historiographical approach, but rather seeks to perceive the unfolding of that continuity from the standpoint of the common people - the silent non-actors of conventional history - through the insights of grassroots anthropology and forgotten esoteric traditions. It is also considered from what would be the standpoint of 'the gods' and their priesthoods. Many clues are found in words, their etymologies, ancient meanings, as well as in occult word-spell. When seen from the perspective of ordinary humans, the long historical arc of organized religion, both 'religious' and 'secular', reveals an extraordinarily consistent pattern of a phenomenon that goes beyond oppression and mind control - the multifaceted use of humanity by 'the gods' as a resource providing them with much more than slave labor and worship. As the journey progresses, it becomes clear that 'the gods', disproportionately powerful though they may be, are extremely dependent on us mortal humans for various forms of 'food'. To secure their steady supply of these 'foods' they bind humanity in a top-down co-dependent relationship of which most humans today are quite unaware. In the same dynamic, 'the gods' bind Nature along with humans in pure enslaved exploitation. Nature is the true 'Matrix' - the Womb - along with humans who are her natural 'children'. Ultimately, what 'the gods' so crave from their 'human resource' is a very great prize, of cosmic significance. Their covert games of Krivda over the millennia are now openly legible - in an open challenge of end-times proportions to the essence of what it is to be human. This book is for those who seek a deeper understanding of how we arrived to this point through immense trials and tribulations, and a clear sense of human truth that the challenge irrevocably requires us to recover.

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